JOB Dec 12, 2017

Postdoc History of Architectural Criticism, Rennes

Rennes 2 University, Mar 01, 2018
Application deadline: Jan 14, 2018

Jannière Hélène

Post Doctoral Fellow (Full Time, 18 months) in Architectural History:
History of Architectural Criticism

Project Title: Architectural Criticism, an intellectual and material cartography
Research Fields: Architectural History, Architectural Criticism
Research Laboratory: Research Team Histoire et Critique des Arts (EA 1279)
UBL Research Department: Arts Culture Création Patrimoine ACCP
Head(s) of the Scientific Project: Hélène Jannière

Application deadline: January 14th, 2018
Job Starting Date: From March 1st, 2018


Research Team EA 1279 Histoire et critique des arts includes 21 Associate Professors and Professors and 35 PhD candidates. It activities follow four research axes:
1. Criticism and its objects: notions, boundaries, corpuses
2. Objects, sites and architectures: conceptions and cultural heritage
3. Political history of arts
4. Interactions: philosophy of art, music, text, image
During the five-year period 2017-2021, Axis 1 («Criticism and its objects: notions, boundaries, corpuses») conducts research projects on the practices, theories and history of criticism, focusing on the cultural and disciplinary transfers, on the interactions between different forms of criticism (art criticism, music criticism, architecture criticism, etc.), as well as the approach of social sciences to the notion of criticism. Since 1989, the structural collaboration with the Archives de la critique d’art contributes to make EA 1279 Histoire et critique des arts a leading research centre in the field of the history of art criticism.

Scientific Project:

Within the frame of this scientific project, the unity EA 1279 Histoire et critique des arts, in partnership with the Archives de la critique d’art, has recently contributed to structure a field of research, the project Mapping Architectural Criticism (funded by the ANR, 2015-2017), and it has formed an international network of researchers on the history of criticism. Based at Rennes 2, it gathers researchers from Italy (Università di Bologna, Politecnico di Milano), China (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University), Great Britain (AA School of Architecture), Croatia (University of Zagreb), Portugal (New University of Lisbon) and Spain (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya).

Differentiating itself from both the history of architecture theories and the history of architecture publication, the project Mapping Architectural Criticism attempts to understand architecture criticism as an ensemble of practices, texts, actors, cultural transfers, networks, in the perspective of a cultural history. While it addresses the transfers towards architecture from other disciplines in the field of human and social sciences, it also investigates the relation of criticism with the public debate, the processes of heritage recognition, and other types of architecture writing.

In connection with this epistemological question and historical surveys, Mapping Architectural Criticism aims at producing tools and documentary resources. Therefore, Mapping Architectural Criticism relates to a two-fold scientific goal, which the postdoctoral researcher is required to comply with: an “intellectual cartography” and a “material cartography” of architecture criticism.

Postdoctoral Project:

The postdoctoral project will be part of the ongoing research orientations of the network Mapping Architectural Criticism. The candidate’s scientific project, covering a period which can range from the beginning of the 19th century to the 21st century, will comprise an international dimension and relate to the study of notional transfers, international circulations and cultural transfers, following a multi-disciplinary approach. This may include different study areas: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, according to the candidate’s own research experience.

In addition to carrying on an individual research project, a strong involvement in the collective activities and research projects is required:
- 1. The postdoctoral researcher will contribute to the epistemological questioning on the history of architecture criticism, initiated by the Mapping Architectural Criticism network, starting from his/her own research fields, to the study of its actors, notions, vectors, etc.
- 2. The contribution to the constitution of an online portal of scientific information and storage of data on the history of criticism, namely in relation with specialists of Digital Humanities.
- 3. He/she will organise one or more international meetings (study days, symposiums).
- 4. He/she is expected to participate actively in the organisation and coordination of the activities of the Mapping Architectural Criticism network (organisation of meetings, publication).

Required Profile:

PhD Degree in Architectural History, Art History or Architecture (on a relevant subject) maximum 3 years of experience after dissertation defence . An international experience in research is required (during or after Doctorate). Candidates must not have discussed the PhD dissertation in the hiring institution (Rennes 2 University) and not previously worked in the host research unit (EA 1279).

An architectural historian specialized in the history of architectural discourses, criticism and architectural theories. The candidate must have a clear affinity with the theme of this research project, clearly demonstrated by his/her publications and/or conference papers. Knowledge of French, good knowledge of English, both oral and written, are required. The ability to work independently but at the same time to be a strong team player. Sense of organization.

How to apply?

Applications in English or French should be sent by January 10, 2018 at the latest. Please send the following documents (merged in a single PDF file) by email to: and to

• Short Curriculum Vitae
• A cover letter showing your interest and especially describing your professional project, as well as a research plan (no more than 2000 words) showing its insertion in the collective research project.
• A list of your major publications and other scientific productions (2 pages max.)
• Letters of recommendation (not required).
• A copy of your PhD diploma
• Name and contact details of two referees

The general selection process is described here:

Applications will be examined by a jury of at least three members of academic staff. Interviews (by videoconference, if need be) of the pre-selected candidates will take place from the end of January. Candidates will be advised by e-mail.

Useful References:

More information on the Mapping Architectural Criticism Project and International Research Network may be found at
EA 1279 Histoire et critique des arts

Further information:

This Fellowship is co-funded by the Bretagne Loire University and the Région Bretagne.

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