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Artls Bulletin vol. 6, 3 (Fall 2017): Visualizing Networks

Beatrice Joyeux-Prunel, Université de Genève, CH

Visualizing Networks: Approaches to Network Analysis in Art History.

Artls Bulletin vol. 6, 3 (Fall 2017)

Guest Editor : Miriam KIENLE

Sommaire / Content :

Between Nodes and Edges: Possibilities and Limits of Network Analysis in Art History
Miriam Kienle
Continuity and Disruption in European Networks of Print Production, 1550-1750
Matthew D. Lincoln
Keeping Our Eyes Open: Visualizing networks and art history
Stephanie Porras
Workshop as Network: A Case Study from Mughal South Asia
Yael Rice
Network Analysis and Feminist Artists
Michelle Moravec
The Computer as Filter Machine:
A Clustering Approach to Categorize Artworks Based on a Social Tagging Network
Stefanie Schneider and Hubertus Kohle
Enriching and Cutting:
How to Visualize Networks Thanks to Linked Open Data Platforms
Léa Saint-Raymond and Antoine Courtin
What You See Is What You Get: The “Artifice of Insight.”
A Conversation between R. Luke DuBois and Anne Collins Goodyear
Anne C. Goodyear

Digital Art History “Beyond the Digitized Slide Library”:
An Interview with Johanna Drucker and Miriam Posner
Miriam Kienle

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