CONF Nov 16, 2017

Drawing conversations 2: Body, Space, Place (Coventry, 8 Dec 18)

The Institute for Creative Enterprise (ICE), Coventry University Technology Park, Puma Way CV1 2NE, UK., Dec 08, 2017

Jennifer Dudley, Coventry


Drawing conversations 2: Body, Space, Place

Conveners: Professor Jill Journeaux, Dr. Helen Gorrill, Dr. Imogen Racz, Dr. Sara Reed.

This one-day symposium will consider interrelationships of drawing, body, space and place. At the heart of this will be the body acting as the conduit between interior and exterior, private and public. Drawing in this sense can therefore be elastic in definition, from two-dimensional mark-making, to more spatial languages that might involve capturing movement, three-dimensional drawing, or indeed understanding the processes of making the movement, mark or gesture. How do these gestures make meaning? What impulses from a particular space or place impelled the drawing? What is the relationship of the final work to a space or place?

The event includes a keynote presentation by Marsha Meskimmon, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History and Theory at Loughborough University, and 23 papers from practitioners, art historians and theoreticians. These will be accompanied by a selected set of poster presentations. For further information contact: Jill Journeaux on

The cost of event attendance is:

£50 - Per person

£30- Doctoral students

A payment link is in the process of being set up, in the meantime please contact Lotte Crawford at for more details.


9.00 Digital Arts Studio Registration; tea, coffee, pastries
Put up Poster Presentations

10.00 Welcome to Coventry University and Visual Arts Research and C-Dare – Jill Journeaux and Sara Reed

10.10 Keynote speaker – Marsha Meskimmon

11.00 Jenny Keane – Traced, Erased: The Lick drawings and the Female Body in Space

11.20 Brick Room Tea and Coffee

11.40 - 1pm Performance Studio
Strand A, chaired by Imogen Racz

11.40 Deborah Harty- Wandering Through Drawings

12.00 Joe Graham- Climate Drawing: the atmosphere of time

12.20 Lesley Haliwell- An Elongated Moment: the body and the marked surface

12.40 Raul Martinez- Drawing Architectural Experience: Depicting Body Movement Through Gaudi’s Palau Guell

11.40 - 1 pm Digital Arts Studio
Strand B, chaired by Jill Journeaux

11.40 Sofia Mali- Reflections on the Female Body

12.00 Simon Woolham- In Search of the Shortcuts

12.20 Jenny Walden- Drawing (upon) Body Drawing.

12:40 Andrew MacDonald- Fence/Hammock: escape, animation, performance, film, anxiety, drawing

1.00 Brick Room Lunch and opportunity to view Poster Presentations

2.00-3.00 Performance Studio
Strand C, chaired by Sara Reed

2.00 Chris Crickmay- An account of our work in performance drawing

2.20 Ram Samocha- The Restless Body

2.40 Laurence Schmidlin- Drawing as a tool for mapping the body in space

2.00-3.00 Digital Arts Studio
Strand D, chaired by Helen Gorrill

2.00 Jennifer Clarke- Gestural Traces

2.20 Kiera O’Toole- Drawing from the Non-Place

2.40 Lucy O’Donnell- Maternal Lines: Drawing in/on Conversations.

3.00 Brick Room Mulled wine and mince pies Tea, Coffee

3.20 - 4.45 Performance Space
Strand E, chaired by Sara Reed

3.20 Katrina Brown- Working-low: activating the horizontal plane

3.40 Courtney Coyne – Jensen- Drawing on Lived Experience: Presenting and Prosthetics

4.00 Sally Doughty- Hourglass: mark making in and as performance

4.20 Greig Burgoyne- SPLACE: Performative drawing - co-creating third sites

3.20 - 4.45 Digital Arts Studio
Strand F, chaired by Rob Tovey

3.20 Clare Smith- Encountering Place: Boldshaves Garden

3.40 Richard Lloyd and Alan Parson- Location Drawings

4.00 Lesley Hicks- Drawing: a protest against forgetting

4.20 Sarah Lawton- Drawing the Human Form: a Sign of our Thinking

4.45 Closing comments Imogen Racz

4.55 Close

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