OnCurating, No. 33, The documenta Issue

OnCurating, No. 33, June 2017, The documenta Issue


Nanne Buurman/Dorothee Richter:
documenta. Curating the History of the Present


Kathryn M. Floyd:
d is for documenta: Institutional Identity for a Periodic Exhibition

Philipp Oswalt:
Bauhaus/documenta: Orders of the Present

Susanne König:
documenta in Kassel and the Allgemeine Deutsche Kunstausstellung in Dresden: A German-German History of Interrelations

Kristian Handberg:
The Shock of the Contemporary: documenta II and Louisiana Museum


Vesna Madžoski:
Ghostly Women, Faithful Sons

Beatrice von Bismarck:
“The Master of the Works”: Daniel Buren’s Contribution to documenta 5, Kassel 1972

Nanne Buurman:
CCB With... Displaying Curatorial Relationality in dOCUMENTA (13)’s The Logbook

Dorothee Richter:
Being Singular/Plural in the Exhibition Context: Curatorial Subjects at documenta 5, dX, D12, d(13)

Dorothea von Hantelmann:
Thinking the Arrival: Pierre Huyghe’s Untilled and the Ontology of the Exhibition


Walter Grasskamp:
Becoming Global: From Eurocentrism to North Atlantic Feedback-documenta as an “International Exhibition” (1955-1972)

Anthony Gardner/Charles Green:
Post-North? Documenta11 and the Challenges of the “Global Exhibition“

Nina Möntmann:
Plunging into the World: On the Potential of Periodic Exhibitions to Reconfigure the Contemporary Moment

Elpida Rikou/Eleana Yalouri:
Learning from documenta: A Research Project between Art and Anthropology


Ayse Güleç:
Learning from Kassel

Angela Bartolomew:
Installations Everywhere: Disorientation and Displacement in Jan Hoet’s documenta IX

Anna Sigrídur Arnar:
Books at documenta: Medium, Art Object, Cultural Symbol

Nora Sternfeld:
Para-Museum of 100 Days: documenta between Event and Institution

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