CFP May 27, 2017

Novembergruppe Berlin 1918-2018 (Dessau, 1-4 Mar 18)

Dessau, Mar 1–04, 2018
Deadline: Jun 15, 2017

Nils Grosch

"Novembergruppe" Berlin 1918-2018: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
International Scholarly Symposium 2018
Academic Advisory Board of the Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft Dessau e.V.

Established in Berlin in December 1918, a month after the end of the German monarchy, the Novembergruppe was a remarkable assemblage of representatives from a variety of the arts: visual art, music, architecture, literature, and dance. Until its dissolution in 1933, the group undertook a host of activities that pointed into many different directions. From today's perspective, the group's underlying common goal could perhaps best be described as a social re-encoding of artistic modernity for the benefit of a changed post-war society. At the same time, the group set out to utilize, explore, and challenge the norms of the Weimar Republic. The wish to participate, as artists, in the reordering of the world, was often combined with the desire to expand the role of the arts in everyday politics and culture. This included involvement in institutional and educational structures as well as in the media, whereby contemporary art could be newly embedded in the larger context of cultural politics—perhaps even working toward a synthesis of mass communication and the avant-garde.

The Academic Advisory Board of the Kurt-Weill-Gesellschaft Dessau welcomes submissions from musicology and relevant disciplines that offer new findings, particularly with respect to the cooperation of different arts, their institutionalization and role within the society's larger processes of renewal, while exploring the limits of the historic upheaval.

The symposium will be held at the Lyonel Feininger House in Dessau on the first weekend of March 2018, during the annual Kurt Weill Fest.

Proposals (250 words) should be sent by 15 June 2017 via e-mail to <> (subject: "Symposium Novembergruppe 2018, CfP"). The committee's decisions will be announced by mid-July 2017.

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