New Art Historical Resources on the Web

[1] nparadoxa's new MOOC on contemporary art and feminism
[2] The Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asia


[1] n.paradoxa's MOOC (mass open online course) on contemporary art (post-1970) and feminism has just opened at:-

Katy Deepwell

This online course was written by Katy Deepwell, editor of n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal.

n.paradoxa's MOOC is free and users just have to register their email to join it. Users can join anytime and continue at their own pace.
There are 10 lessons ranging from "Feminism as a Cloud" to "Feminism as an Avant-garde". In addition to the lessons, there are open forums for people to respond to the lessons and post their own ideas for discussion.

The connectivist model of learning is closer to femtechnet's description of a DOCC (rather than a MOOC) because the lessons link to many resources online and are designed to be read anytime at the user's own pace.
(A DOCC= Distributed Open Collaborative Course is a feminist retooling of the popular genre of networked learning called MOOCs).

This course is open to anyone but it is expected that the largest interest in the course will be 18-25 year olds, i.e. graduates and postgraduates needing an introduction to feminism and contemporary art and how to negotiate the internet as a resource for research and scholarship (without using Wikipedia or Ted talks!).

The MOOC uses many resources from the internet, among them those gathered for n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal's website at
The journal, n.paradoxa, is separate from this new MOOC.

The MOOC is published by KT press as an independent production using Wordpress and was supported by a grant from Innovate UK.

The motivation for setting up this online course is the scarcity of information provided on this subject in general course curriculums and the growing demand of young people for discussion of these issues.


[2] The Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asia

It is my pleasure to share , that the website of A.M.M.A.A. - The Archive for Mapping Mother Artists in Asia, has been launched on April 15, 2017.

Please do find some time and have a look at the website.

Currently there are 18 mother artists from 9 countries and more profiles shall be added soon, to the online archive.

I hope that my research project A.M.M.A.A ., which focuses on mapping and visibility of mother artists of Asian origin , living within and outside of Asia; shall grow and provide a platform to many other mother artists.

I shall sincerely appreciate if you could share this information with artists and art historian in your network.

Dr. Ruchika Wason Singh
Associate Professor
Dept. of Painting B.F.A.
College of Art,
New Delhi, India

Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Mother Studies

K- 3/ 13 MODEL TOWN 2nd
Delhi-110009, India.


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Contribution published: Apr 24, 2017

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