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Satish Padiyar:
Last Words: David's Mars Disarmed by Venus and the Graces (1824). Subjectivity, Death, and Postrevolutionary Late Style
Completed as he was approaching death in 1825, Jacques-Louis David's final refractory history painting is an intricate summation of a life in politics and painting. [...]

Kamila Kłudkiewicz:
Collector at the Crossroads. Jan Działyński and the Kórnik Collection of Works of Art in the Second Half of the 19th Century: An Exhibition between the Romantic Spirit of Patriotism and a Modern Scientific Approach
In the second half of the 19th century, a tendency for a scientific approach to collecting became visible in Europe. Collectors established contacts with art experts and art researchers [...]
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Günther Buchinger, Doris Schön:
"… jene, die ihre hände hilfreich zum bau erheben …": Zur zeitlichen Konkordanz von Weihe und Bauvollendung am Beispiel der Wiener Augustinerkirche und Georgskapelle
The Augustinian Church in Vienna and the adjacent St. George's Chapel have recently been analysed for the first time according to structural archaeological and art historical criteria and these results compared with the plentiful written sources. [...]

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