CONF Sep 18, 2016

The Art Market, Collectors and Agents: Then and Now (Paris, 20-21 Oct 16)

Paris, Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, Oct 20–21, 2016

Adriana Turpin, IESA/UK

The Art Market, Collectors and Agents: Then and Now

20 & 21 OCTOBER, 2016
Salle Vasari, INHA, 2 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris

The focus of the conference is to explore the changing and complex nature of the role of agent in the art market during the Early Modern Period. Papers will explore shifts in the dynamics of the market, the changing taste of collectors and the importance of writers, critics, museum curators and dealers in influencing these changes. The papers demonstrate how examining the role of agents through their correspondence with clients, day books or private records, bring new insights into the workings of the art world through the detailed evidence of how transactions were negotiated.

9.30 Registration
10.00 Welcome
10.10 Introduction
10.45 Session one: The artist and writer as agents

10.45 Tamsin Foulkes, PhD. Candidate, University of Nottingham
James Thornhill as an agent-collector in early eighteenth-century Paris

11:15 Dr. Corina Meyer, Institute of Art History, University of Stuttgart
‘To see once again the glorious picture by Moretto before it is forever lost for Rome’: Johann David Passavant's (1787-1861) recommendations and selection of paintings

11.45 Dr. Gemma Avinyó Fontanet, Universitat de Lleida. Spain (in French)
Marià Manent ou le poète qui est devenu marchand: de Barcelone à New York

12.15 Alice Ensabella, PhD Candidate, Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble
Promoting Themselves. Strategies and dynamics of early Surrealism’s art market.

12.45 lunch (provided for speakers & those who have signed up, please see below)

14.00 Session two: The Agent and the Collector
14.00 Dr. Madeleine Fidell Beaufort, independent scholar, Paris
Samuel P. Avery and the emerging American art market of the late nineteenth century

14.30 Dr. Louise Arizzoli, University of Mississippi
Dealing with Allegories of the Four Parts of the World: James Hazen Hyde 1876-1959) and his Network

15.00 Mackenzie Mallon, The Nelson Atkins Museum.
Laying the Foundation: Harold Woodbury Parsons and the Making of an American Museum

15.30 Break

16.00 Emanuele Sbardella, Ph.D Candidate, Technische, Universität Berlin
The Numismatic Market under National Socialism, illustrated by the case study of the coin collection of Alexander Hauser"

16.30 Jamin An, Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles
New Art and ‘New Dealing’: Changing Conditions of Artistic Support, 1960s-70s

17.00 Closing remarks

10.00 Session three: Agents and Markets
10.00 Dr. Tina Kosak, France Stele Institute of Art History, ZRC SAZU Ljubljana
Conquering New Art Markets: International Art Dealers and Local 'Agents' in Inner Austria in the Second Half of the 17th Century

10.30 Laura Popoviciu, PhD candidate, Warburg Institute, London
Shaping the Taste of British Diplomats in 18th-Century Venice


11.30 Dr. Susanna Avery-Quash, Senior Research Curator (History of Collecting),
National Gallery London
Art Agents and the National Gallery during the Nineteenth Century

12.00 Dr. Christine Howald, Technische, Universität Berlin
Asian agents & the Chinese Market in the 19th century

12.30 Lunch (provided for speakers & those who have signed up, please see below)

14.00 Session four: The dealer as agent
14.00 . Dr. Renata Schellenberg, Mount Allison University, Sackville, Canada
Commerce, Culture and Connoisseurship: The Emergence of the Art Dealer in Eighteenth-Century Germany

14.30 Dr. Frances Suzman Jowell, PhD, Harvard University, independent scholar
Çe n’est pas ma faute si, dans toutes les collections, les hollandais priment tout’: Thoré- Bürger’s promotion of 17th century Dutch paintings in the Parisian art market of the 1860s

15.00 Pamella Guerdat, PhD candidate, Institute for Art History & Museology Université
de Neuchâtel (in French)
René Gimpel (1881-1945) et le modèle du musée américain : De la théorie au don

15.30 Camille Mesdagh, PhD candidate, Sorbonne, Paris IV: (in French)
Alfred Beurdeley (1808-1882), a dealer in curiosities and his network / Le réseau commercial d’un marchand de curiosités : l’example d’Alfred Beurdeley (1808 1882)

16.00 Tea

16.45 Keynote speech: Dr. Julie Verlaine, Paris IV (in French)
Du marchand d'art au galeriste : l'itinéraire de Daniel Templon et 50 ans évolution du marché de l'art occidental

17.30 Closing remarks

Organised by the Collecting and Display Seminar Group London with the Centre André Chastel, INHA, Paris.

We would like to thank the speakers’ institutions and the Institut d’Etudes Supérieres des Arts for supporting the conference.

The conference is free but to register for the lunches (20 € per day) please e-mail:

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