CFP Mar 23, 2016

After the Carolingians (edited volume)

Deadline: Jun 1, 2016

Beatrice Kitzinger, Princeton University

After the Carolingians: Manuscript Illumination in the Tenth–Eleventh Centuries

A great deal of research remains to be done on the substantial and wide-ranging corpus of illuminated manuscripts produced in continental Europe between the late ninth and late eleventh centuries. Whether tucked away in footnotes or relegated to the status of comparanda, the extant manuscripts from this difficult period of history — particularly from the regions of modern-day France and Flanders — rarely receive the focused attention they deserve. Yet many manuscripts from the tenth and eleventh centuries have the potential to challenge our understanding of fundamental issues of historical inquiry, including the nature of artistic originality, various processes of transmission, the working relationships between artists, patrons and scribes; even the essential character and functions of illumination.

We seek papers that offer new perspectives on the culture of illuminated books produced between c. 900 and c. 1050 outside the established centers of art-historical focus in Anglo-Saxon England and the Ottonian Empire. Studies of manuscripts originating beyond the traditional geographic boundaries of the Carolingian Empire are most welcome, as are studies that coordinate manuscripts with their physical environment or with works of art in other media, and studies that reflect upon relationships of “center and periphery” or questions of regionalism, problematize the issue of artistic quality, or investigate connections between tenth–eleventh century manuscripts and illumination of other periods.

Papers will be collected in a volume to be published in the series "Sense, Matter and Medium: New Approaches to Medieval Culture" (De Gruyter). We wish also to propose a session on the topic of the volume at the Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America (Toronto, April 6–8, 2017), which will double as a contributors’ meeting. Please send an abstract of your proposed contribution (ca. 300 words) and let us know whether you would be able to attend the MAA conference. Deadline: June 1, 2016. Please contact us with any questions.

Beatrice Kitzinger (Princeton University,
Joshua O’Driscoll (The Morgan Library and Museum,

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