CFP Dec 21, 2015

Art Technological Sources at the Rise of Modernity (Stuttgart, 10-11 Nov 16)

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Nov 10–11, 2016
Deadline: Mar 1, 2016

Christoph Krekel


"Expression and Sensibility. Art Technological Sources at the Rise of Modernity"

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart
Institut für Technologie der Malerei

The 7th symposium of the ICOM-CC working group Art Technological Source Research will be held at the State Academy of Fine Art and Design in Stuttgart. The focus of this meeting will be to reflect on the artistic process as manifested in visual and written sources between 1850 and 1940, the time of early Modern Art. This period is characterized by completely new artistic ideas and conceptions as well as the introduction of plenty of new products such as tube paints, synthetic organic pigments etc. Artists and art academies reacted to these developments by designing innovative artistic techniques as well as by re-introducing technical concepts, being considered obsolete by established institutions or coming from non – European civilizations. The reflection on medieval and antique art technological sources and the introduction of technical departments at the academies are typical implications of this development.

For the symposium Expression and Sensibility. Art Technological Sources at the Rise of Modernity we are interested in presentations investigating sources on the process of making early Modern Art and asking what the studio practice may tell us with regard to the artists’ concept. We welcome papers that explore questions such as:
- Which are the technical and material developments in the creative process in early Modern Art?
- What made an artist choose a certain technique or material?
- How did artists write themselves on technical processes and materials and which technical sources did they reflect?
- How did the educating institutions react on the technical developments?
Papers should focus on sources which may include – but are not restricted to – artist’s treatises, letters, workshop notes, catalogues and journals as well as visual sources such as photographs, architectural plans and other representations of studios or production sites.

We hope to bring together members of the ATSR working-group, but also welcome and encourage all interested in art technological source research to submit abstracts. It is intended that all papers presented will be published as postprints. We invite abstracts of maximum 500 words in English, both for oral presentations and posters. They must contain the title, author(s) name and contact details as well as the body of the abstract.

Please send abstracts until Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 to the board of the ATSR interim meeting 2016:
For further information, please contact Christoph Krekel ( or Sigrid Eyb-Green, coordinator of the ATSR group (

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