International Summer School (Marburg, 15-30 Jul 11)

Marburg, July 15 - 30, 2011
Deadline: Mar 31, 2011

International Summer School 2011
"Technology of Transfer - Transfer of Technology"
July, 15th - 30th 2011 Marburg University

Extended deadline: Registration closes March 31st !

Organized by the Graduate Center for Humanities and Social Sciences in
cooperation with MCAW (Marburg Center for the Ancient World) of Marburg

The summer school program will address issues of intercultural exchanges
in the ancient world and is aimed at scholars currently working on Ph.D.
projects in this specific field. The teaching languages will be English
and German. To enhance the preparation for the summer school a suggested
reading list will be given out in advance. The number of participants is
limited to 30.

The topic of the 2011 Summer School arose in the context of the
conceptual framework of the MCAW 'The Exchange of Wares and Ideas:
Presuppositions, Continuities, and Discontinuities.'
We hope to be able to investigate to what extent the proliferation in
the ancient world not only of scientific knowledge but also of cultural
accomplishments and technologies (e.g., writing and scripts) followed
established trade routes. On the other hand, trade itself (especially
maritime trade in the Mediterranean region) presupposes a certain level
of technological skill and knowledge, not just in the employment of wind
to propel ships but also in the areas of astronomy and mathematical
measurement. In this respect, various aspects played important roles:
the participating cultures, ancient technology, economic and legal
history, etc. The aforementioned topic thus demands the collaboration of
several disciplines that have traditionally been assigned to quite
different areas of study.

At the summer school, various aspects of the main theme will be carved
out in five different courses dealing with topics regarding the various
prerequisites of ancient trade, the process of trade and its surrounding
economic and juridical circumstances, technological and scientific
progress as a result of the exchange of ideas due to international
trade, and so on.
The assessment of economic trade and technology from a Christian and
philological perspective will be discussed in evening lectures.

Further informations and application form on:

Matthias Nöth M.A.
MCAW - Marburger Centrum Antike Welt Biegenstraße 11
35032 Marburg
Tel.: 06421-28 22386 Fax.: 06421-28 28977

Prof. Dr. Winfried Held
MCAW - Marburger Centrum Antike Welt Biegenstraße 11
35032 Marburg
Tel.: 06421-28 22353 Fax.: 06421-28 28977

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