CFP: Authentication of Paintings (The Hague, 7-9 May 14)

The Hague, May 7 - 09, 2014
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Conference on Authentication of Paintings
Call for Papers

Authentication in Art invites submissions of proposals of 500-700 words
(up to 3000 characters) for oral presentations, to be given at the
conference in The Hague, The Netherlands, 7-9 May, 2014 (Please see for
more details: and Due to the
multitude of problems that have become ever more prominent around
establishing authorship of paintings and authenticity, the
identification of fakes, and the contextual and legal issues associated
with this process, the conference Authentication in Art has been

Conference Language: The conference language is English.

Papers addressing any of the following topics regarding issues of
authentication of paintings are especially welcome.
(NOTE: the conference will concentrate on these issues related to
paintings specifically to focus the scope of the discussions - themes
considering sculpture, works on paper, etc. will not be considered):

- Issues of connoisseurship in the authentication of paintings.
Standards of connoisseurship. The current state of connoisseurship. Can
connoisseurship be articulated in a consistent manner? Refining the role
of connoisseurship in the 21st century.
- Challenges faced by historians publishing or cataloguing the work of
an artist. The need for interdisciplinary studies. Minimum requirements
for specific types of authentication work. The process of attribution
and authentication.
- Issues of the technological and scientific studies in the
authentication of paintings. Standards for the technological and
scientific studies in the authentication of paintings. What is the
current state of play? What necessary standards might be established to
ensure sound practice and effective work in issues of authentication?
- The training of professionals involved in the authentication of
paintings; what is the current state of play? What is needed / could be
- Legal issues arising from the authentication of paintings.
Authentication in the legal sphere. National and international problems
involving authentication.
- Terminology problems in the language used in authentication (may
involve issues of terminology over various languages and translation
issues, but the main presentation should be in English).
- Changing historical attitudes / approaches, both scientific and
connoisseurial, to the authentication of paintings.
- Fakes and forgeries - their implications for the art market. Trends
in the production and detection of fakes. The future of investigation of
fakes by new or renewed scientific techniques.
- Improved IT-technology for the protection of open sources against

The process:
Please select one of the working groups, listed at the end of this call
for papers, to submit your topic to for consideration. If you have a
paper of a broader theme, you are welcome to submit it as an unallocated
paper; however, space for such unallocated papers is strictly limited.

Proposals should be submitted to by
Friday, 13th September, 2013. Please do not include any illustrations
with your proposal submission. Authors will be informed whether their
work has been selected for further consideration by 30th October, 2013.
If selected, you will be invited to develop the proposal into a synopsis
of 1,000-1,200 words, which will be required for printed conference
abstracts by the 15th of December 2013. A publication of conference
papers in the form of postprints is planned.
Papers presented at and published as a result of the AiA Congress will
all undergo a peer review process. To this end, the AiA Working Groups
are appointing a Committee of international experts who will make
selections from the proposals received and selected authors will be
invited to develop the proposal into a synopsis. Authors may then be
requested to refine the synopses as necessary, and the final versions
will be edited for publication by the Congress Editorial Committee.
Please bear in mind that submissions of papers should not address topics
that have been presented and/or published elsewhere before the date of
the Congress in May 2014, or which are slated for publication at a later
date. Should an author be invited to present a paper, the conference
organizers will provide for travel and accommodation for speakers at the

Please contact the conference organizers at if you have any questions or wish to
receive further information on the Congress.

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