JOB Jul 6, 2024

Voluntary Newsletter Team Members, Society for Court Studies

Application deadline: Aug 15, 2024

Esther Griffin

Founded in September 1995, the Society for Court Studies is the leading international academic society for the examination of royal and princely courts and households from antiquity to the present. The Society for Court Studies has become an integral part of the study of the past from multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary and international perspectives.

The Society’s newsletter editors are seeking to form a team to generate content for the newsletter, including pieces from regular contributors. Currently, the Society sends out a newsletter to members three times per year. We would like to make the newsletter more inclusive, diverse and relevant. To this end, the newsletter team will consist of individuals from all career stages and all parts of the world to help create content. This is a voluntary position.

Contributors will be asked to:
• write at least one piece every two years (max
2000 words) relating to court studies in the broadest sense (research, theory, museology), including interviews with relevant academic researchers, project leads and/or museum/heritage professionals, or responding to an article in the Society’s journal, The Court Historian;
• join a meeting once or twice a year to discuss
upcoming issues of the newsletter and engage in ongoing communication via a digital platform;
• suggest topics, ideas for regular features and
new content on an ongoing basis;
• collect copyright-free images;
• gather items for regular features like call for
papers, conferences, etc. on an ongoing basis;
• suggest content for short social media posts;
It is our expectation that, on average, the contributors spend 2 hours a month on their contributions.
In return, you will not only support members of the Society for Court Studies and help collect news and insights on court studies from around the globe, but you will also have opportunities to share your research and ideas, expand your network, and enhance your CV.

We are currently recruiting for team members and hope to formally launch the group in September 2024. All individuals interested in being part of the team should submit a short email with your research interests/experience and affiliation (if any) or CV, with “Newsletter Team” in the subject line to by 15 August 2024.

If you know someone living / working in a different geographical area than yourself, who might be interested, please forward our call.

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