CFP Jun 24, 2022

3 Sessions at RSA (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 9-11 Mar 23)

Renaissance Society of America 2023 Annual Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mar 9–11, 2023 Redaktion

[1] Association of Print Scholars Call for Sessions
[2] Papers In and Around the Papacy of Gregory XV
[3] Self-care in Early Modern Art


[1] Association of Print Scholars Call for Sessions

From: Nikki Otten,
Date: 20 June 2022
Deadline: 1 July 2022

The Association of Print Scholars invites submissions for its sponsored sessions at the Renaissance Society of America conference

APS-sponsored session proposals may be related to any theme of Renaissance and Early Modern printmaking, or any aspect of print scholarship for the era 1300–1700. RSA is a multidisciplinary society, and we especially welcome session proposals that transcend geographic and disciplinary boundaries, as well as those that engage current theoretical interests in historiography, materialism, archival theory, bibliographic studies, or social history.

Series of sessions in honor or in memory of an individual scholar are limited to two sessions per honoree. Co-chaired sessions are welcome; junior and senior scholars are encouraged to collaborate.

You do not need to be a member of RSA to submit a session proposal to APS, but all accepted participants must become RSA members for 2023 and register for the conference. Please note that proposing a session or a paper indicates your commitment to attend.

Chair or co-chairs must be members of APS, however, please note that those currently serving as APS officers, whether elected or appointed, may not submit conference proposals for panels sponsored by the organization during their tenure, although are welcome to participate in the selected panel.

How to submit a session proposal for APS sponsorship:
To propose an APS-sponsored session, please submit your session title along with a 250-word abstract describing the topics and issues of printmaking that your session will address. Applicants do not need to propose a full panel of presenters in order to submit a session proposal. Submissions should include a two-page CV for each chair. In the subject line, please indicate “APS-Sponsored session proposal RSA 2023” and send to

Submission deadline for all session proposals is:
Friday, 1 July 2022

Acceptance decisions will be communicated to submitters by Friday, 15 July 2022.


[2] Papers In and Around the Papacy of Gregory XV (1621-1623) on the 400th Anniversary of its Conclusion

From: Pierette Kulpa,
Date: 20. June 2022
Deadline: 29 July 2022

The year 2023 marks the 400th anniversary of the end of the short but significant reign of Alessandro Ludovisi as pope Gregory XV (1621-1623). This important anniversary and its coincidental overlap with the historic sale of one of the most significant Ludovisi properties, the Casino Aurora in Rome, marks the year as a historic moment. In his brief reign, Gregory XV canonized five saints, created the Congregation of the Propaganda of the Faith, acquired the famed Palatine Library for Rome, and supported the new orders of the Theatines, Oratorians, and Jesuits. His nephew, Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi, was also active during this time, and with the revenues of his benefices he amassed an unparalleled collection of art and antiquities and acquired a massive property on the Pincian Hill in Rome (of which the aforementioned Casino was a part).

This RSA session topic idea invites proposals for 15 to 20 minute papers on any aspect of the Ludovisi papacy, including politics, art, theology, culture, the role of cardinal nephew, and more. To be considered for participation, please submit the following to Pierette Kulpa,, by 29 July 2022:
1) Full name, current affiliation, and email address
2) Paper title (15-word maximum)
3) Abstract (150-word maximum)
4) 1-page CV (.pdf or .doc)
5) PhD or other terminal degree completion date (past or expected)
Presenters must be active RSA members at the time of the conference.


[3] Self-care in Early Modern Art

From: Suzanne Willever,
Date: 22 June 2022
Deadline: 31 July 2022

As we begin to recover from a global pandemic, making time for self-care—actions that improve our physical and psychological well-being—has become increasingly critical. Though this discourse of self-care is considered a modern one, according to Michel Foucault, ancient Greeks understood the term epimeleia heautou, or care for the self, as developing self-awareness with the goal of becoming a more ethical being. This session probes early modern notions of self-care explored in any medium. It considers how artists created, and users consumed, images and objects focused on aspects of body, mind, and soul toward a form of self-care in art during a period in which modern notions of self-hood and artistic identity were still forming.

Building on recent interest in ‘therapeutic’ images (where therapeia encompasses healing and care, but also ‘attention’), such as Dürer’s Melencolia I engraving, we seek renewed discussion of all manners of early modern notions of self-care and the role of material objects or images in defining those practices, spaces, or remedies of care. One might consider the role of print—its imagery, materiality, mobility, and centrality in the history of privacy and subjectivity—or other types of media in prescribing attention to the well-being of the self. Papers might consider the healing potentia of images of the Crucifix and blood of Christ, the curative power of landscape, the role of print in contemplation, meditation, or healing, but also the restorative potential of memory and imagination, sleeping and dreaming, food and nutrition, emotion, mental stimulation, or ethics. This session encourages proposals that cross disciplinary and geographic boundaries.

Please send the following materials to both session organizers, Ashley West ( and Suzanne Willever ( by July 31, 2022 (notification of acceptance by August 8th):

– paper title (15-word maximum)
– paper abstract (150-word maximum)
– short resume (.pdf or .doc upload)
– PhD or other terminal degree completion year (past or expected)
– full name, current affiliation, and email address

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