CFP Nov 16, 2021

Arts, Special Issue: Global Art Market in the Aftermath of Covid-19

Deadline: Dec 31, 2021

Elena Sidorova, Paris

According to “The Impact of COVID-19 on the Gallery Sector” survey conducted by Art Basel in the mid-2020, although the global art market has often been resilient to international economic and political events, it has faced some of its biggest challenges yet under the influence of COVID-19. Among others, the pandemic and the accompanying restrictive administrative measures taken by world governments all over the world have exerted a significant impact on such key economic indicators, as gallery employment, art sales, and organization of international art fairs.

The international scholarly open access journal Arts (ISSN 2076-0752) invites submissions for the Special Issue on the topic of “Global Art Market in the Aftermath of COVID-19.” Original academic papers (6,000-8,000 words long), whether qualitative or quantitative research methods based, should answer the following research question: How has COVID-19 affected the global art market? We welcome both theoretical and empirical contributions that reveal various economic, social, and political consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for the current state and future evolution of the global art market.

If you are interested in contributing to the Special Issue, please send a short abstract (250-300 words) alongside with your CV to by 31 December 2021. The submission deadline of full-length articles is 01 March 2022. There is no fee to publish with the Special Issue.

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