TOC Sep 12, 2021

Oud Holland, vol. 134 (2021), nr. 2/3

Menno Jonker

New issue: Oud Holland - Journal for Art of the Low Countries, vol. 134 (2021), nr. 2/3

Anne Margeet W. As-Vijvers – Manuscript production in the monastery of St Hieronymusdal in Lopsen, near Leiden

Ilja M. Veldman – Artistic innovation in Maarten van Heemskerck’s portraits after 1537 and new identifications in the light of his social network

Koenraad Brosens & Inez De Prekel – Antwerp as a production center of paintings (1629-1719): A qualitative and quantitative analysis

Marieke Maathuis – An aesthetic of devotion: Ary Scheffer and the Dutch Réveil

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