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Print Quarterly XXXVIII, no. 2 (June 2021)

Rhoda Eitel-Porter, Print Quarterly

Volume XXXVIII, no. 2 (June 2021)


Orthodox Prints in the Samokov Painters’ Archive by CLAIRE BRISBY 131

‘Souvenirs de l’Ombrellino’: Early Prints by Marcellin Desboutin by MICHELE AMEDEI 154

Reproducing the United States Capitol Rotunda by NATALIA ÁNGELES VIEYRA 170

Shorter Notice
Francesco de Nanto in Rome 1524–26: New Documents by MICHAEL BURY 180


Prints After the Antique Up to 1869 by F. CARLO SCHMID 184

Alonso Berruguete: First Sculptor of Renaissance Spain by BENITO NAVARRETE PRIETO 187

Rosenwald, Hind and Early Modern Portrait Engravings by LARA LANGER 189

Spanish Drawing Books (El Maestro de Papel) by FRANCISCO J. R. CHAPARRO 191

Rembrandt’s Fall of Haman in the Hermitage by ANATOLE UPART 193

Surimono From the Virginia Shawan Drosten and Patrick Kenadjian Collection by ELLIS TINIOS 195

A Portrait by Jeanne-Elisabeth Chaudet and Its Source by DAVID EKSERDIJAN 197

Joseph Philibert Girault de Prangey (1804–92) by JEAN MICHEL MASSING 198

Toulouse-Lautrec & The Art of Celebrity by NICHOLAS-HENRI ZMELTY 201

Gustave Baumann (1881–1971) by JANE GLAUBINGER 203

Folded Books: Die Geschichte(n) Gefalteter Bücher by GITTA BERTRAM 207

Barnett Freedman (1901–58) by MARTIN HOPKINSON 209

Evan Summer by MARTIN HOPKINSON 210

Franz Gertsch: The 90th Birthday Tribute by LAURENCE SCHMIDLIN 212

The Graphic Works of Günter Brus by LENA FRITSCH 214

Anna Metz by ELMER KOFLIN 216


Revisiting Hans Baldung in Karlsruhe by ARMIN KUNZ 220

German Illustrated Broadsheets from the Moritzburg by JEAN MICHEL MASSING 223

Bridget Riley: The Complete Prints 1962–2020 by GILL SAUNDERS 229

Jasper Johns Monotypes by JOAN ROTHFUSS 233

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