CFP Apr 16, 2021

DigitalPaintingPhotography (online, 22 Oct 21)

online, Oct 22, 2021
Deadline: May 31, 2021

Carl Robinson

The DigitalPaintingPhotography online symposium is the third event in the series of investigations that began with 'PaintingDigitalPhotography' and 'PhotographyDigitalPainting' into how artists and theorists currently engage with the interrelationships of the digital, painting, and photography.

It is evident that the vast range of interconnected practices in this field require much further explication and this third event therefore aims to look further into these connections by asking how the natures of the digital, painting, and photography are being redefined through hybridized and synthesized contemporary art practices. In what ways do these mediums inflect/infect one another, what does this fusion tell us about their discrete natures, and what new forms are created through this combination?

The 'DigitalPaintingPhotography' symposium is a one-day online research event and we seek presentations for the symposium that respond to the following strands:
- Painting-photography
- Photography-painting
- Painting-digital
- Photography-digital
- The digital in any combination with painting and photography
- Concrete interconnectivity between all three mediums – the digital, painting, and photography in the formation of unified forms.

Guest speakers include: Matt Saunders, Clare Strand, Dan Hays, Rhys Himsworth, Alison Goodyear, Elias Wessel, Frances Woodley.

Please send Abstracts / Proposals (for a 30-minute presentation) of no more than 500 words to Carl Robinson:

It is anticipated that an anthology of essays stemming from the given presentations will be published. If you are selected to participate in the symposium, you will be asked to write an academic paper of around 5000 – 7000 words for this book, should it be published.

Please include your name, title, email address, institution, and title of the proposed presentation - to arrive no later than midday Monday 31st May 2021.

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