STIP Oct 18, 2001

Humboldt Research Fellowship Program

Institute for European Studies

The Humboldt Research Fellowship Program

is seeking qualified scholars of all nationalities and disciplines to
carry out long-term research projects in Germany. Fellowships will be
awarded based on academic achievement, the quality and feasibility of
the proposed research project and the candidate's international
publications. The Program will provide a stay of six to twelve months
in Germany. Monthly stipends range from DM 3,600 to 4,400 with
special allowances available for accompanying family members, travel
expenses and German language instruction. Applicants must have a
doctoral degree and be less than forty years of age. Scholars in
humanities should have sufficient German proficiency and those in the
sciences must provide proof that they have sufficient proficiency in

Applications may be submitted at any time and the review process
takes from five to nine months.
For more information contact the Humboldt Foundation at:


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