CFP: In Time of Migrants: Art for a World Without Territory

H-ART. Journal of Art History, Theory and Criticism
Deadline: Jul 16, 2020


H-ART. Journal of Art History, Theory and Criticism
is looking for submissions for the special issue

"In Time of Migrants: Art for a World Without Territory"

to be published on the first semester of 2021.

The critic and essayist George Steiner suggest that "It seems proper that those who create art in civilization of quasi-barbarism, which has made so many homeless, should themselves be poets unhoused and wanderers across language. Eccentric, aloof, nostalgic, deliberately untimely…" Different contemporary artists have submerged themselves in the framework of the successive worldwide migration crisis with works of art that reflect, narrate, question and show the political social and economic challenges around this situation.

This special issue wants to create a space for reflection about the way artistic practices answer to the challenges posed by migration, the reconfiguration of territories and the societies that accompany it. Its suggestive to assume that works of art are symbolic gestures that can later become powerful resources for a change. They can highlight issues that are usually ignored and silenced in the social reality by giving them a voice and agency. Also, they allow us to rethink the way the discourses of different academic disciplines on the most pressing problems of today, required a more complex views and more porous limits between those disciplines: this applies, of course, to contemporary arts and the research around them.

H-ART is looking for articles that explore above all the tensions and transformations between artistic creation, direct actions and social spaces where both art and life are common (or their impossibility) to take place. H-ART looks for discussions of alternative geopolitical notions that broaden our understanding of artistic patterns and that critically dialogue with the current conjuncture of migration and social change (for example: permeable borders, solid seas, war urbanizations, transnationalism, border walls, emergency zones, exceptional areas, among others). Beyond individual case studies, we intended to reveal and emphasize in instances in which art has established links with the global crisis and social change.

Finally, H-ART hopes to bring to light alternative reflections that echo the current behaviors of migrations, the reconfiguration of territories, the socio-spatial fracture, as well as the challenges posed by these resulting crises.
We welcome manuscripts that share research related to these topics through the analysis of specific examples or broader historical and theoretical reflections. The reception of proposals for articles and visual essays will be done through the platform:

Texts in Spanish, English and Portuguese will be accepted. All the information about the editorial process and the rules for authors is available at

CFP: In Time of Migrants: Art for a World Without Territory. In:, Mar 31, 2020 (accessed Nov 26, 2020), <>.

Contributor: H-ART. Journal of Art History, Theory and Criticism

Contribution published: Mar 31, 2020

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