SHIFT: Journal of Visual and Material Culture, Issue 11

SHIFT: Graduate Journal of Visual and Material Culture
Issue 11: Blood and Earth and Soil

co-edited by Christopher Green and Dana Liljegren

with Max Bonhomme, Julia Bozer, Alyssa Bralower, Trangđài Glassey-Trầnguyễn, Stephanie Lebas Huber, Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil, Crystal Migwans, Jackson Polys, Horacio Ramos, Teresa Retzer, Allison Rowe, and Anne Spice.

Issue 11 of SHIFT, an institutionally mobile peer-reviewed graduate journal currently hosted by the Graduate Center, CUNY, can be visited at

Table of Contents:

From the Editors (Christopher Green and Dana Liljegren, Co-editors)


Max Bonhomme
Human scale and the technological sublime. An iconology of the ‘crisis of civilization' in the 1930s

Julia Bozer
Juan Downey's "Anaconda" Map of Chile, 1975

Trangdai Glassey-Tranguyen
Un/Earthing Borderland-Motherland: Stateless Bodies Intimating the Waves, the Woods, and the Walls

Alyssa Bralower and Allison Rowe
Land Grant: Complicating Institutional Legacies


Anne Spice
Give us our Knives


Jackson Polys, Zack Khalil, and Adam Khalil
Morph Target Displacement Mapping: Removals / Pre-Creative Acts


Teresa Retzer
The resurgence of Blood and Soil: symbols and artefacts of Völkische Siedlungen and Neo-Nazi Villages in Germany


Stephanie Lebas Huber
Review: De Wereld van Pyke Koch

Crystal Migwans
A Monumental Undertaking

Horacio Ramos
On Representation, Appropriation, and Everything in Between

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Contribution published: Feb 22, 2019

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