David Saunders Founders Grant 2011

Application deadline: Jun 2, 2011


The Society of Architectural Historians, Australia & New Zealand (SAHANZ) calls for applications for the

Please circulate this call among your colleagues – especially among Postgraduate Students and Early Career Researchers.

The aim of the David Saunders Founders Grant is to foster new research in architectural history and theory. Applications can be made to apply for funds to assist in field-work, archival assistance, printing and reproduction costs in preparation for publication. The award cannot be used to fund conference travel or registration. The Grant will total AUD$2000.

Applicants are required to be financial members of SAHANZ at the time of submission and to
maintain their membership during the period of the award. Applicants are required to be emergent or early career researchers, including postgraduate students, recent graduates and those in the first few years of full-time academic employment.
Applicants must be resident in Australia or New Zealand or, if resident elsewhere, must be proposing to use the Grant to undertake research on or of relevance to the architectural history of Australia or New Zealand.

Submission and Award Conditions:
1. Project proposals must include an outline of the project, budget and its justification; proposed
outcomes; and a brief CV (See Application requirements below).
2. The awarding of the Grant is decided by the Committee of SAHANZ.
3. Grant monies will be made available within two months at the announcement of the Grant.
4. The funded research should be able to be completed in one year from the date of the award announcement. Outcomes from research are expected within two years of the award.
5. At completion of the research, Grantees are required to report on the acquittal of the Grant
against actual expenses, and on the status of the outcomes (i.e. the publication/s).
6. SAHANZ reserves the right to have first option to publish part or all of the research results in Fabrications.

1. The demonstrated ability of the applicant.
2. The likely significance of the research.
3. Evidence that the proposed project is achievable with this grant (i.e. not dependent upon
securing additional funds).
4. The likely quality and impact of the proposed outcomes.

Submission date:
2nd June. Email submission, with hardcopy to follow by mail post dated no later than 2nd June.
Announcement of award:
At the SAHANZ Annual General Meeting to be held early July at the annual conference of the

Address all submissions to:

Nicole Sully
Secretary of Society of Architectural Historians, Australia & New Zealand
School of Architecture
Zelman Cowan Building
University of Queensland
Brisbane, QLD, 4072

Guidelines for DAVID SAUNDERS FOUNDER’S GRANT Application:
Please make your application as a Microsoft Word document attached to an email to the
Secretary of SAHANZ.
Post a hard copy. Make your application under the headings below.
APPLICANT"S ORGANISATION (if any, none required)
300 words max.
Including timetable through to outcomes (600 words max).
PROPOSED BUDGET (allowable items are travel, research assistance, fees and charges related
to research or publication, sundry maintenance, but not equipment, salary replacement)
Show estimated total costs for project and amounts requested from Saunders grant and any
other granting agencies to which applications are or will be made for this project.
300 words max. Explain and justify the major expenses.
How will the research be communicated to the scholarly community?
How will the Grant assist your career development as a researcher in Architectural History?
Give the names and contact details (including email) for two (only) referees who are familiar with
your work and this project.
A maximum of two pages.

About David Saunders
David Saunders was instrumental in forming the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ) and as foundation President he
registered SAHANZ as an incorporated association in South Australia on 12 September 1985. David Saunders was Professor of Architecture at the University of Adelaide and also President of SAHANZ when died in Adelaide in September 1986.

Educated at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and at the University of Melbourne where he also later completed his Masters degree on the architecture of 19th century Melbourne architect Joseph Reed, David Saunders was a Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer at the University of Melbourne where he remained from 1956 to 1968. In that time, he became the first academic in Victoria to specialise in Australian architectural history. Saunders was also editor of the pithy and incisive architecture broadsheet Cross Section, taking over from Robin Boyd as editor in 1955 before passing this task onto Neville Quarry in 1961. David Saunders was also an architect and in 1962 he designed his own house in Parkville after his return from the United Kingdom as part of a Nuffield Fellowship. The exposed materials and strident honesty of this post-war interpretation of the terrace house startled many and paralleled interstate experiments in English New Brutalism.

In 1968 Saunders moved with his family to Sydney where he took up the position of Senior
Lecturer at the Power Institute of Fine Arts at the University of Sydney. In 1977 he was then
appointed to the Chair of Architecture at the University of Adelaide where took a decisive role in
redirecting that School’s curriculum.

David’s contribution to architectural history in Australia was substantial. He was the author of
several texts on Australian architecture including the important Historic Buildings of Victoria (1966).
He gave substantial service to the National Trust and the South Australian Heritage Committee.
He was also the first Australian President of ICOMOS, the international professional
conservation organisation.

As Judith Brine observed of David Saunders in his obituary in 1986: ‘His career was one of
dedicated service to the conviction that Australian art and architectural history was of great
importance and interest. He not only demonstrated its academic potential in his own work but...
provided the tools for others to work in the same field. His contribution as a teacher in training
others, several of whom in their turn are now also eminent architectural historians, cannot be

Dr Nicole Sully

SAHANZ Secretary
School of Architecture
University of Queensland
Brisbane, QLD, 4072

[T] + 61 7 33653785
[F] + 61 7 33653999
[E] n.sullyuq.edu.au
[W] http://www.sahanz.net/

STIP: David Saunders Founders Grant 2011. In: ArtHist.net, May 23, 2011 (accessed Sep 30, 2020), <https://arthist.net/archive/1427>.

Contributor: Nicole Sully, University of Queensland

Contribution published: May 23, 2011

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