World Art - First Issue Now Available Online

First Issue Now Available Free Online

The first issue of World Art is now available online. Throughout 2011 we
are offering free online access to this issue.

The Editors

Studies: research article
What you see you don't see: Lisa Reihana's Digital Marae
Cassandra Barnett

Intervention: position piece
World art: a boundary issue
Charlotte Townsend-Gault

'Good to think': the historiography of intercultural art studies
Wilfried van Damme

Sensing and making sense: art-things in a small part of the world
Anitra Nettleton

Studies: visual essay
Perspicacité: the art of George Nuku
George Nuku

Intervention: position piece
Post-colonial perils: art and national impossibilities
Patrick D. Flores

The promise and the search
Michael Tucker

Doing world art history with modern and contemporary Asian art
John Clark

Studies: research article
Le Songe Creux - between literati theory, Minimalism and Maximalism
Frank Vigneron

Intervention: position piece
World art: Ways Forward, and a way to escape the 'autonomy of culture'
John Onians

From the ancient world to world art
Caroline Vout

Making sense of world art: an archaeological perspective
Robin Skeates

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Contributor: Jennifer Roberts, Oxford

Contribution published: Mar 11, 2011

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