CFP: Session at UAAC (Waterloo, 25-27 Oct 2018)

University of Waterloo (Waterloo, ON), Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC) Annual Conference, October 25 - 27, 2018
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From: Naomi Stewart <>
Date: Apr 21, 2018
Subject: CFP: Session at UAAC (Waterloo, 25-27 Oct 2018)

Call for papers for panel
Surrealism and Photography: New Perspectives

Over thirty years ago, Rosalind Krauss and Jane Livingston curated the first major exhibition on surrealism and photography: "L'Amour fou" (Corcoran Gallery, 1985/Hayward Gallery, 1986). The show's catalogue remains a key touchstone for studies of surrealist photography, thanks in part to the fact that the medium's significance within the history and legacies of the movement has acquired surprisingly little sustained critical attention over the succeeding decades (notable exceptions include recent books by Ian Walker and David Bate). There has, moreover, been a tendency to privilege the manipulations available to photography as the marker of an image's surreality or to focus overwhelmingly on the work of male photographers (Man Ray, Brassaï, Maurice Tabard, Hans Bellmer, Jacques-André Boiffard, etc.) within the context of French surrealism. This panel therefore calls for new perspectives on the relationship between photography and surrealism: papers might focus on neglected oeuvres, new theoretical approaches, alternate geographies, revised or expanded definitions, and continuing legacies, to problematise and develop our understanding of surrealist photography.

Naomi Stewart
University of Edinburgh

Paper proposals should be sent directly to the panel chair. Submissions must include: the name and email address of the applicant; the applicant's institutional affiliation and rank; the paper title; an abstract (300 words max.); and a brief bio (150 words max.).

Proposals may be submitted by current members or non-members of UAAC. Non-members MUST become members of UAAC and pay registration fees in order to present a paper at the conference.

Please see complete information on the UAAC website at

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