CFP: Studies in Art Historiography: Call to Architectural Historians

Studies in Art Historiography, published by Ashgate welcomes contributions from architectural historians:

Much recent historiography has focused on scholars of ‘Art History’ but many of these made considerable contributions to architectural history, from Heinrich Wölfflin whose Renaissance und Barock is essentially architectural history, to Rudolf Wittkower whose impact is usually assessed in relation to the architectural profession and Modernist architecture. Cornelius Gurlitt, Geoffrey Scott, Hans Sedlmayr, Nikolaus Pevsner, Colin Rowe, Venturi and Scott Brown are just some of the names that come to mind and Studies in Art Historiography welcomes proposals for volumes dedicated to relevant themes in architectural historiography as well as individual studies of significant figures in the field.

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CFP: Studies in Art Historiography: Call to Architectural Historians. In: H-ArtHist, Apr 16, 2013 (accessed Oct 24, 2016), <>.

Contributor: Richard Woodfield, University of Birmingham

Contribution published: Apr 16, 2013

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