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CFP: Además de, nº 3 (2017)


CFP: Sessions at IAWIS/IAERTI (Lausanne, 10-14 Jul 2017)

27.05.2016 Lausanne, IAWIS/IAERTI

CFP: Sessions at RSA (Chicago, 30 Mar-1 Apr 2017)

27.05.2016 Renaissance Society of America (RSA) 2017 Conference, Chicago, The Palmer House Hilton

STIP: H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowship


CFP: Text at the Museum ( Kraków, 26-27 Oct 16)

26.05.2016 Krakow, National Museum, June 26-October 27, 2016

CFP: Global Surrealism (Chicago, 4-5 Nov 16)

26.05.2016 Chicago, IL, November 4-05, 2016

CONF: The Medium and the Message (Birmingham, 1-2 Jul 2016)

26.05.2016 Birmingham, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, July 1-02, 2016

CONF: Wiederholung als ästhetisch-erkenntnistheoretische Figur (Hamburg, 15-16 Jun 16)

26.05.2016 Hamburg, Hochschule für bildende Künst, June 15-16, 2016

CFP: Sessions at UAAC/AAUC (Montreal, 27-30 Oct 2016)

26.05.2016 2016 Conference of the Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC) / Congrès 2016 de l’Association d’art des universités du Canada (AAUC), Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada, October 27-30, 2016

TOC: I Tatti Studies in Renaissance History


ANN: Request for Renaissance specialists, Triseum Educational Games

25.05.2016 June 1-December 31, 2016

CONF: Rencontres Professionnelles des métiers (Fontainebleau, 4-5 Jun 16)

25.05.2016 Fontainebleau, Espace des Amis du Festival de l'histoire de l'art, June 4-05, 2016

CFP: The Jewel in Art and Art in Jewel (Barcelona, 17-18 Nov 2016)

25.05.2016 Barcelona, Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, November 17-18, 2016

CFP: Theaterbau und Stadt in der Moderne (Berlin, 12-13 Jan 2017)

25.05.2016 Berlin, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, January 12-13, 2017

CONF: Mittelalterliche Mythenrezeption (Bochum, 2-4 Jun 2016)

25.05.2016 Bochum, Kunstsammlungen der Ruhr-Universität Bochum/Campusmuseum, June 2-04, 2016

ANN: Vorträge des Kunstgeschichtlichen Seminars (Göttingen, May-Jul 2016)

25.05.2016 Göttingen, May 27-July 6, 2016

CFP: Anais de História de Além-Mar - Topic: Identity, Memory and History


CFP: Empire and Colonial Art (Lisbon, 6-7 Apr 2017)

25.05.2016 Lisbon, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, April 6-07, 2017

CFP: Sessions at RSA (Chicago, 30 Mar-1 Apr 2017)

25.05.2016 Renaissance Society of America (RSA) 2017 Conference, Chicago, The Palmer House Hilton, March 30-April 1, 2017

Present’s Disjunctive Unity

25.05.2016 Report by Jacob Lund
In his genuinely thought-provoking and – in terms of developing a critical concept of “contemporary art” – much needed “Anywhere or Not at All: Philosophy of Contemporary Art”, British philosopher Peter Osborne proposes that our present, or more objectively speaking, the historical present is defined by contemporaneity, and that the idea of contemporaneity as a condition is something new. Thus the contemporary is not only a label or a periodizing category following the modern. According to Osborne...