1. Commissioned Works

Reviews and articles as well as other texts and multimedia materials that were created for publication through ArtHist.net by initiative of members of the editorial board are understood as commissioned works.

Commissioned works are published according to the Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND 4.0. Subsequent use for noncommercial purposes is permitted in unaltered form if full mention is made of the author’s name and the source.

2. Other Contributions

For all other contributions that are published without the direct involvement of ArtHist.net editors (e.g. announcements), the authors, with the submission of their contribution to ArtHist.net and its partner Clio-online, grant the right of use in electronic and nonelectronic form. This right includes all current and future forms of usage, unrestricted and independent of all other uses through the author.

A commercial use (publication) of contributions as defined under 2.1 is permitted only if the author, the place (ArtHist.net), and the date of publication are indicated.

For all other uses, especially if commercial, written permission must be obtained from the ArtHist.net editorial board and the author.

3. Reprints

For publishing contents that have already appeared elsewhere, the ArtHist.net editorial board makes an effort to obtain the author’s or rights holder’s explicit permission. Copyrights held by third parties are indicated as follows:

Published with friendly permission by [XXXX], all rights reserved. __This work may be copied and redistributed for non-commercial, educational purposes, if permission is granted by the author and [XXXX]. For more information please contact the editorial board.

4. General Remarks

In case of violation against these regulations, ArtHist.net and Clio-online reserve the right to take legal action. Regulations concerning the protection of copyrights and intellectual property are subject to the Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND 4.0.

Texts published through ArtHist.net (articles, reviews) do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editors. The authors are held fully responsible for the content of their contributions. Authors are asked to submit only such contributions (articles, reviews, announcements, etc.) that comply with the common ethical and scientific standards. They furthermore agree to observe copyrights and regulations for the protection of intellectual property.

ArtHist.net is member of the collaborative platform Clio-online at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. General Terms and Conditions apply as indicated under Clio AGB.