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Associate Professor in History and Theory of Architecture, Aarhus, Denmark

Under the theme "Engaging through architecture" the Aarhus School of Architecture is currently placing a special focus on the relevance of architecture to society. Apart from an understanding of the solid and pragmatic fundamentals that manifest the discipline, any successful practice today requires also impulses that derive from a critical reflection as well as the socio-political conditions that constitute the current architectural production. The field of history and theory, as a means to reflect on the past and provide perspectives to create in the future forms an important factor within this scenario.

Within the last decades, technological innovations, ongoing economic and environmental crisis have radically changed the way architects work, communicate and disseminate content. Within this process of transformation, it is crucial to comprehend, that history and theory represents an important factor for our built environment. Any education and research of architecture history and theory shall take on an active role when it comes to facing these challenges. Reflection and analysis of the past shall trigger excitement, be rooted in the process of creation and result in discoveries that will eventually shape our future.

We are looking for an art historian or an architect, who holds a PhD (or equivalent qualifications) and is involved in the discourse of architecture history and theory on an international level. The candidate should either have a research focus or an interest in the early-modern period (btw. Middle ages and late enlightment) and should be commited to further develop this in the future. Furthermore, she or he should have teaching experience as well as research qualifications at a high level. The school expects applicants to be interested – and preferably have experience in – experimental formats of teaching and education of architecture history and theory and the willingness to perform this within both, a national and an international context.

The school currently endeavours to expand the fields of history and theory in a global perspective. The associate professorship shall be part of this environment and is expected to contribute to develop and strengthen it through knowledge, research and teaching. The position will also include cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary networking and fundraising.

The position
The associate professorship is a full-time position with a research to teaching ratio of 25%.

The research-related elements of the position include:

• Research and/or artistic development work at a high international level within the subject area of the position
• Disseminating the results of research and development work nationally as well as internationally by means of publications, exhibitions, workshops, symposia and seminars
• Building and developing research and practice-related networks and partnerships with relevant institutions and academic environments
• Contributing to procuring external project financing, drawing up funding applications, etc.

The teaching-related elements of the position include:

• Teaching on the Bachelor and Master's degree programmes of the school in cooperation with heads of programmes and academic staff
• Contributing to building a solid professional knowledge across the School's academic environments
• Developing teaching, including courses and networks involving relevant, national and international, institutions
• Supervising and teaching PhD students
• Contributing to supplementary education courses
• Contributing educational advice to and supervising assistant professors

Requirements for applicants and applications
We will place a special emphasis on the applicant having experience with design-oriented teaching or practice. The applicant must possess such skills as are achieved by having satisfactorily completed employment as assistant professor/post doc, or equivalent qualifications. He or she must have received supervision and educational skills development, as well as a positive written assessment of his/her educational qualifications. If the applicant cannot provide the latter, a trial employment for a period of up to 1.5 years may be an option.

The application must describe the applicant's interests within research as well as his or her visions for developing the subject area. The application must also, in brief, explain the applicant's thoughts on organizing teaching in History and Theory.

Applicants must be able to document the following:

• Having graduated from a recognized academic architectural or from another academic educational programme relevant to the advertised position
• Research at international level and/or other further development or innovation of the subject area, original artistic development work at a high international level, or a significant career background at a high level in architecture within the field in question
• It would be considered an advantage if the applicant has in the past contributed specially qualified or innovative efforts to teaching
• Possessing good communicative skills

All applications must include documentation of compliance with the required qualifications (including school leaving certificates and diplomas), full CV, visions for the subject area, a description of research and development plans (no more than 14,000 characters) an account of the applicant's thoughts on teaching (no more than 4,000 characters), portfolio showing a representative section of the production of the applicant and a list of publications.
Please send your application to marked “ 2311/34-14”. The application must be sent as one all-inclusive PDF to ease the administrative process. Name and address must be stated on the first page of the application. Applications must be sent digitally as PDFs, and must have been received by the Aarhus School of Architecture no later than 2 February 2015 at 12:00 (noon), CET.

The PDF document can be sent as an attachment to the email, or via file-transfer service such as Dropbox or Wetransfer. Zipped files will not be accepted.

Everyone – regardless of race, age, gender, religion or ethnicity - is welcome to apply.

Terms of employment
The position is remunerated according to the agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. The position includes research and teaching; including the organization, planning and administration hereof.

Professional activities outside the school will be accepted only to a limited extent and by special agreement with the school management.

About the Aarhus School of Architecture
The Aarhus School of Architecture is a research and educational institution under The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The School's mission is:
• To offer academic, profession-oriented bachelor and Master's degree programmes in architecture at the highest level as well as PhD programmes within fields of the architectural profession
• To offer profession-oriented continuing and further education within the fields of the architectural profession up to and including the master level
• To carry out research and artistic development work at the highest level with the aim of continually qualifying the education, the practice of the discipline, and the cross-disciplinary integration of architecture

The Aarhus School of Architecture has approx. 750 Students and employs a staff of approx. 145. The scientific staff is distributed over 14 different academic environments.

The Aarhus School of Architecture has an annual budget of approx. DKK 100m.

For questions or more information about the position, please contact Professor MSO Ruth Baumeister, mobile: +45 8936 0285 or email:

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