University of Chicago/Getty Diss. Workshop in Chinese Art History, Autumn 2019

University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA, August 19 - 31, 2019
Deadline: Apr 8, 2019

The Department of Art History at the University of Chicago is seeking applications from doctoral candidates in Chinese art history from the United States, Europe, and Asia for the third University of Chicago/Getty Dissertation Workshop in Chinese Art History, funded by the Getty Foundation as part of its “Connecting Art Histories” initiative.

This is the third of four 12-day workshops hosted biannually on the University of Chicago campus and the University’s Center in Beijing during the 2018/19 and 2019/20 academic years. The program seeks to nurture a generation of historians of Chinese art across historical eras and media in an intellectual environment that crosses continental, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries. To that end, the workshops provide an opportunity for advanced graduate students in Chinese art history from different institutions and countries to share their dissertation projects, discuss different methodologies and scholarships, hone their research and writing skills, and connect with senior experts in the field. The workshops will entail presentations of dissertation projects; intense discussion of their content, purpose, and method; and explorations of the state of the field, key texts, and research methods. Related programming for the workshops will include visits to museums, exhibitions, archives, architectural sites, private collections, and/or other art spaces. There will also be time for students to pursue specific, individual dissertation research in local libraries, archives, and collections. The cohort emerging from each workshop is encouraged to cultivate ongoing exchange and collaborations. Each workshop will be led by one senior Chinese art historian. Additional Chinese art specialists will be invited for each workshop to present on selected topics and provide additional feedback on participants’ dissertations.

Led by Martin Powers, Professor Emeritus of Chinese Arts and Cultures in the Department of Art History at the University of Michigan and Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago, the third University of Chicago/Getty Dissertation Workshop in Chinese Art History will take place at the University of Chicago from August 19 – 31, 2019 (with travel to/from Chicago on August 18 and September 1). The distinct global profile of the University of Chicago’s Department of Art History provides opportunities for fertile scholarly connections for workshop participants based outside of Chicago. The department is home to three full-time tenured faculty members and one regular postdoctoral position in East Asian art history, as well as the Center for the Art of East Asia. During the workshop, participants will have full access to the University of Chicago library’s extensive holdings in East Asian art history, including its East Asian Art Reading Room, a space with open-shelf access to a collection of rare East Asian art books and manuscripts grown over the course of more than eighty years of Chinese art history research and teaching at the University. The workshop will also take full advantage of the city of Chicago’s position as one of the centers for Chinese art history in the United States, with stellar Chinese art collections and curatorial staff at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Field Museum of Natural History; exquisite private collections; and multiple scholars in varied fields of Chinese studies at other local universities.

Student participants should have ABD (All But Dissertation status), or equivalent, and be in the research or early writing phase of their doctoral work at the time of the workshop. All participant dissertation proposals will be circulated for close reading by the other participants before the workshop begins. During the workshop, participants will be asked to comment on each other’s projects that may include a range of perhaps unfamiliar topics, consider and test divergent methodologies, and think critically about their projects in historical and historiographical terms. All participants will also be asked to improve their proposals based on the comments and other related discussions during the workshop. English will be the primary teaching language of this workshop, but ideally, all workshop participants should be able to communicate in English and Chinese (Mandarin).

Applications for the third University of Chicago/Getty Dissertation Workshop in Chinese Art History are due via email to by 11:59 pm on Monday, April 8, 2019 (Chicago time, CST). Award notifications will be sent in early May. Application materials may be shared with the Getty Foundation as part of the review and selection process, and applicants may be interviewed via Skype.

• Student applicants should specialize in any area of Chinese art history or visual and material culture.
• Applicants should have ABD (All But Dissertation status), or equivalent, at the time of application, and be in the research or early writing phase of their dissertation work.
• Fluency in English is required, and an advanced level of Mandarin is also preferred.
• Students who have participated (or will participate) in a Getty workshop at either the University of Chicago or at Heidelberg University are ineligible.

Roundtrip airfare or trains, shared lodging, shared meals, local transportation, and site admissions will be organized and fully funded by the University of Chicago Department of Art History and the Getty Foundation. Participants are responsible for securing necessary visas, and related visa fees will be reimbursed upon request to the department. Each student will also receive a $50 allowance toward book purchases.

Please note: All application materials should be organized numerically as separate documents according to the call list below. All documents, including the writing sample, must be in English.
1) Application form (to be requested from
2) Statement of Interest explaining the value of this workshop for your future scholarship and career path, nothing how your research and previous experience would contribute to the objectives of the workshop (2-page maximum)
3) Statement of dissertation work completed thus far and schedule of work to be completed after the workshop (2-page maximum)
4) Dissertation proposal composed in narrative form, not outline (2-page maximum)
5) One writing sample that could be a dissertation chapter, a published essay, or a polished seminar paper
6) CV (including grants received and their sources, foreign language competence, teaching experience, any past museum/gallery experience)
7) Two recommendation letters; one from your advisor and one from another member of your dissertation committee (letters should be sent directly to from the letter writer or department administrator)
8) Letter of support from your home department indicating that you are a student in good academic standing and have the appropriate language proficiencies (letter should be sent directly to from the letter writer or department administrator)




第三期研习营将由密歇根大学艺术史系教授、芝加哥大学客座教授包华石(Martin Powers)主授,于2019年8月19日至31日期间(抵达/离开芝加哥时间分别为8月18日和9月1日)在芝加哥大学举办。招生对象为博士候选人(All But Dissertation status)或已完成博士论文开题、正在进行论文写作的博士研究生。本期研习营授课语言为英文,但学员应具备中英双语交流能力。芝加哥大学艺术史系、东亚艺术中心(CAEA)、芝大图书馆将为参加研习营的博士生提供全方位的支持和丰富的学术资源。研习营将安排包括对芝加哥艺术博物馆(Art Institute of Chicago)、菲尔德自然历史博物馆(Field Museum of Natural History)等在内的知名研究机构和私人收藏进行访问考察,研习营还将安排一系列学术讲座,让学员有机会与芝加哥当地的学者、研究员进行交流互动。

所有申请材料请于2019年4月8日晚11点59 分( CST 美国中部时间)前发送电子邮件至 ,遴选结果将于2019年1月底之前公布。申请材料在评估和遴选过程中或将呈送盖蒂基金会。申请人或被要求通过Skype接受面试。

• 招生对象为研究中国艺术史、视觉与物质文化的博士生,不限课题方向。
• 申请人需已获博士候选人(All But Dissertation status)资格,或是已完成博士论文开题、正在从事论文写作的博士研究生。
• 语言要求:英语流利,中文熟练从优。
• 不接受已参加过(或即将参加)盖蒂基金会博士论文工作坊项目的博士生再次申请。


1) 申请表(。
2) 个人研究兴趣(1-2页):陈述此次研习营对申请人今后的学术研究和职业生涯会产生怎样的帮助,及申请人的研究和个人经历又会为研习营追求的目标带来哪些助益。
3) 博士论文进度说明(1-2页):包括博士论文目前已完成情况,及研习营结束之后论文的进度计划。
4) 博士论文开题报告(1-2页):请采用叙述形式而非提纲略述形式。
5) 写作样本一份:可以是博士论文的一章、已发表的论文,或经修改的会议论文。
6) 个人简历(包括已获得的奖学金及资金来源、外语能力、教学经历,及之前在博物馆/美术馆工作的经历)
7) 推荐信两封:一封来自申请人的导师,另一封来自申请人博士论文委员会中的其他成员(推荐信需推荐人或其所在院系办公室直接寄送至 )
8) 申请人所在院系出具的证明:证明该博士生具有良好的学术表现,并且有较好的语言能力。(证明信需写信人或其所在院系办公室直接寄送至 )

ANN: University of Chicago/Getty Diss. Workshop in Chinese Art History, Autumn 2019. In:, Mar 15, 2019 (accessed May 26, 2019), <>.

Contributor: Alyssa M. Padilla-Drexler

Contribution published: Mar 15, 2019

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