CFP: Layered landscapes, Special issue of 'Arts' journal

'Arts', open access journal
Eingabeschluss: 30.06.2019

Special issue of 'Arts' journal, entitled 'Layered landscapes: Cultural Investigations in northern British edgelands

We invite contributions to a Special Issue of 'Arts' that will
bring academics from the broad field of visual culture
studies and practitioners from fine art, performance, photography,
or digital media to the discussion of northern peripheral
landscapes in Britain—either geographical or socially
marginal. The issue brings relational perspectives and a
focus on the edges—between space, sites, practices, and
disciplines. Our concern is with landscapes not only layered
with complementary or contradictory narratives, myths, and
histories, but on spaces existing in a number of dierent
registers, whether experienced through a geo-political,
socio-economic, or nature/cultural lens.

Submission deadline for manuscripts 30 June 2019.

Ysanne Holt
Rupert Ashmore
Guest Editors

CFP: Layered landscapes, Special issue of 'Arts' journal. In:, 08.02.2019. Letzter Zugriff 16.02.2019. <>.

Beiträger: Ysanne Holt, University of Northumbria

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